21 things to do on your day off


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Monday, February 13 marked my first vacation day in almost 8 months since starting to work at my firm. I suppose that sounds pretty dramatic, but as a member of the junior account team, I was absolutely terrified of using vacation days for months. I didn’t even take the day off when my childhood dog passed away because I was so worried about how it would look (the chant “Slacker! Overly emotional! Weak!” crossed my mind). Gradually, as I have grown in my role and taken on greater responsibilities, I’ve learned that as a working person, paid time off is a right and no one should ever be worried about taking a day off once in awhile. It sounds obvious, but this was a major “aha” moment for me.

Below is a list of 21 things to do the next time you bite the bullet and take the day off.

21 things to do on your day off

1. Turn off the alarm on your cell phone and roll over

2. Invite your unemployed/student/socialite friends to a luxurious late afternoon lunch

3. Wander around Chelsea without any particular destination in mind

4. End up dog-watching for two hours in Madison Square Park

5. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of buying a French bulldog

6. Opt for a French manicure instead

7. Decide that hitting up the gym is not in the cards today as your nails will need several hours to properly dry

8. Call your mom

9. Finally check your overflowing mailbox and find five dollars from your grandmother

10. Spend it all on a soy latte at Kava

11. Post up with your Macbook Pro and pretend you are an NYU student

12. Update your Twitter bio with something witty then delete it when you realize how narcissistic it sounds

13. Text all of your working friends about how much time you spent at the Whole Foods in Union Square and how sad you are about missing salad day at the office

14. Ignore work e-mails

15. Briefly revive your chronically neglected blog

16. Start a Pinterest account just to see what everyone is raving about

17. Realize that you really miss BBM and that nothing Apple can dream up will ever be the same

18. Google different ways to wear your new infinity scarf

19. Join random networking groups on LinkedIn and stalk your old college classmates

20. Spend five minutes researching what the color of the Empire State Building means tonight

21. Think about how great your day was and start planning your next vacation